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“Here To Ensure You Have That Special Day You Want Your Way”
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I am an independent marriage celebrant based in Melton Mowbray Leicestershire. I will create a ceremony that is individual for you, all the services I provide are bespoke to your requirements I will liaise with you every step of the way so that you can have the ceremony that you want.

So What Is A Celebrant?

A celebrant is someone who leads an important occasion, creating, and overseeing a special ceremony for those involved. A wedding celebrant will work with you to create a unique ceremony free of any legal or religious obligations.You no longer have to have a civil ceremony led by a registrar in a registry office or in a license wedding venue. Being an independant celebrant I am not bound by the limitations the local registrar has put in place nor by the venue. There is an increasing awareness that by choosing a celebrant you can have your ceremony your way with no limitations.The only limitation you have is your imagination.

“Remember its your day, so have it your way”

The legal bit: To be legally married in the UK, you must sign the marriage license in front of an authorized person, a Registrar or Priest for example, however you don’t legally have to have your Wedding Ceremony performed by them. Exchange of rings and vows are purely ceremonial and not a legal requirement.

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Lets Talk About Your Wedding Ceremony

Many couples believe a wedding ceremony should be very special and personal to them. Here at Moonlite Crystals Celebrant we aim to do just that …

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As a couple, you have the freedom of choice of venue for your wedding or civil partnership ceremony and the options are endless. You can have a bespoke ceremony, in the location of your choice and at your preferred time of day or evening. It can take place somewhere that holds a special meaning for you both Your ceremony can be as simple or elaborate as you wish – it is your day and everything should reflect your style and personality. As your celebrant I will liaison with you every step of the way making sure everything is just the way you want it. You can incorporate symbolic ceremonies into the service if you wish, such as hand-fasting, lighting a unity candle etc its up to you.

We can talk about readings, poems, songs you may have in mind if you wish, remember we can talk about that you would like for that special day.
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Lets Talk About The Naming Of Your Baby

There are many ways you can welcome a child into the family, The naming of your baby ceremony is a great way of celebrating there birth …

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Baby Naming or Welcoming ceremonies are a perfect way to welcome a new baby or child into your family/community, whatever their ages. It is also a wonderful idea for welcoming step children when two families come together. It can be a very moving and deeply bonding experience for everyone concerned to mark the start of their new lives together and to bond the new family as one unit. A naming Ceremony is not just for young babies or children, anyone who wants to recognise their change of name can have a naming ceremony.
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Lets Talk About Your Renewal Of Vows

Renewal of your vows is a great way to show the love and commitment you both have for each other. Whether its one, five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years or more …

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There are many reasons why you may be considering such a special ceremony. It may be to commemorate an important milestone like a 10th, 25th or 50th wedding anniversary. It may also be that life has brought you some challenges too. A Renewal of Vows Ceremony is a very special service to renew the commitment to each other. It is an opportunity, with your family and friends witnessing, to re-affirm your love and devotion.

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